Sunday, August 28, 2011

Where are the Loc Styles for "US"?

Hey guys,

Ok, so tell me if it is just me. As you know, I am a YouTube lover and whenever I need something, I go right to ole faithful :0). However, I have been looking for some loc tut inspiration and it seems that for folks with my length, which I consider on the high end of short locs but the low end of medium locs, there are very few. Of course my first stop was our girl The Bronzegoddess01 and while I have, I know over 15 of her loc tuts favorited, my hair is still not quite long enough to pull most of them off yet! Trust me, when I can, I will be doing the most. Okay!

Anywho, I am at a lost because while searching the web, I found far and few between and the ones that I saw either were NOT cute, to short or to long. It leaves me wondering is it just me? Are we, the in betweeners, not styling like everyone else?

I personally am sick of the run into the grown loc hawk, swooped to the side and or curled styles. I want something fresh and new, something visually inspirational to ignite my own creative juices ah flowing!

I am going to have to spend alot of time in the mirror, working it on out to make it my mission to put up simple as well as fancy styles so that we can be represented as well as so I can help others in my predicament to be fanciful!

So, of course I am looking for your feedback so pls leave it below. If you have any styling links for me to check out PLEASE leave them below. Know of any one's channel I can check out for inspiration, or any styling suggestions or inspirations, help ya gurl out! Calling all stylists, bedroom stylists, Fancy folks and stylanista's to help ya gurl O.U.T.

I know, there are more for us than what we see so far!

Jahlicia <3


  1. cadear. u look so vex :(
    i hope you do find something. i had NOTHING. all all i did was rock hair bands for the first two years lol i surprised i lasted that long! hope you get some inspiration!

  2. I hope so too! Thanks for stopping bu and commenting :)

  3. Girl I have the SAME problem! My hair is at that weird stage, and I've only managed to find about 3 vids about styles for people with short/medium locs. Usually I just pull my hair back in one with a headband, but that is starting to put pressure on my front hairline, so I'm really on the lookout for some new styles! I really hope you can come up with some cute styles so that we can rock our locs too!