Thursday, August 11, 2011


This posting will now be weekly, to hopefully give everyone enough time to get their pics in. So, look out for it on Thursday's. Now, as usual, on with the show!


I would like to start with Mi Familia! Here is a pic of my Sister Jennae's puff I took at my niece Ja'Naya's bday party this past weekend. I also got pics of princess Ja"Naya's beautiful natural hair as well. Yep! We are almost completely a natural fam. I more sister to go #side eye to her creamy crack!

Also, Jennae has agreed to let me style her hair for my channel and blog (Yay) so look out for that! Check out her site also, it is AWESOME! Green living is the future! Learn that! (click her name)

her hair is massive! Shrinkage is camouflage :)

Isn't she just adorably natural?

I heart her hair texture

DON'T look at the plant I murdered in the corner O.O

my oldest niece Dy'Nelle is a new natural! Welcome dear!

My biggest FOTD supporter @Anomelodious with the cute 2st bangs! She is giving is FACE, isn't she?


One of my YouTube naturalista and fashionista's that I heart, is my girl @AKAKristin. Thanks for showing love and sending this gorgeous pic. Now THIS is Angela Davis material and y'all know how I feel about that. Yep! I pumped my fist in the air 3 times! Your turn! 
Making her debut appearance on my blog is a new subbie of mine DearNatural62! If you love natural hair, funky nail designs and a bubbly personality, check her out! It goes without saying that I am loving her channel! Yes, I watch loose natural channels. I love ALL natural hair! Duh! haha
super cute and funky hawk!

Big ups ALL the way from Sweden! My girl @Chantal151 who is repping both sides with her natural fro and 1 loc in the back! Originality is so DOPE to me and this is def original. Damn, why didn't I think of that back in my natural days?
natural originality! #co-sign
Now, who said that because you are natural, that you can't have curls? Here is my girl @4everChoKawaii rocking the press and curl and making it dew what it dew! 2 snaps! Check out my last posting to see her natural curls. Y'all follow her on twitter for the real deal Holyfield. Okay!

curly Cho

love those earrings
Here is Bah, showing the youth that they can do the damn thang, too! I love seeing her fro, as well as her beautiful smile! Natural beauty is the best beauty. I can't be washed off!! PREACH!!

loving the accessory
Thanks to my girls for helping me start this new segment showing, wait for it..., before the natural hair and after. Wait until you see mine O.O! Just remember it is a no judgement zone. Feel free to laugh your asses off, though! I will! 

First up, is my Superfriend Inger showing her big ole fro before she loc'd it on up!
that's a lot of hair

loc'd and loving it...right? I know you are...
Next is another Superfriend PammyWammy (I just made that up O.O) aka Miss Potential on the YT showing her before and after! You Go Girl!

your expression looks painful O.O

...and now SOO HAPPY!

Of course, last but not least, yours truly showing my head full of hair before I loc'd it. This was the day I put those awful twists in my hair that prompted my friend to say "no ma'am" and start my locs for me. No shade, they were a hot smokey mess! Did I say smokey? Yes, smokey!




 Holding it down is my bredren @Bobo_Dreads showing us his gorgeous crown! Who say Rasta naw sexy?? Gwey!

looks so lovely and moisturized


Superfriend Ben Sharp who's pic I stole but then he said it was cool...right? O.O hahaha! Lovely locs homie!

Do IT then homie!

 ...and my client and friend Dre. While he is the one growing his locs and he is a fairly new client, I would like to take full responsibility for the beauty that is his locs. Y'all force him to let me style it, if not for him for y'all who wanna see it! Hey Dre *wavin* Ur now a starra!

I did that!

....and that! Yayy!


To start it off is my personal loc muse, the loc'd empress herself @NerissaNefeteri 
in ALL her natural glory! It is impossible not to think of her when thinking of female locStars. In my opinion, you think of a man with locs =Bob Marley and a woman with locs = Nerissa. While she is beautiful and I can go on and on about that, she is intelligent, sophisticated but still real, and a teacher in her own right! See ya at the hair show in Atl cause guarantee, I have to meet you! To my fellow Rasta sisten I say Blessed love Itinually and JAH guidance and protection, always! 

Clawd ha mercy, Let us pray...

My gurl @fabienalexis showing the beauty of her locs. You go gurl! 


no curls! I heart this pic!

Yep, once again I have the charismatic @SoulJor giving us another view of her crown! Yes!

you alrdy kno what it is O.O Hugz


Another Superfriend Kalonia showing sun kissed locs

I love profile pics. Don't ask me why though

Superfiend Sheri is showing us her locs AND posing for the camera. #werq!

love that top

making kissing sounds O.O hahaha

Last but def not least is Superfriend Sandi making her debut on the blog and showing up my Panasonic camera with her Iphone camera O.O! Am I the only one appalled by this. Throws camera into garbage...then taking it out cause I was just kidding. Ch..I need this camera..Okay! haha!

Yayyy! Thanks guys for not making me have to badger you for pics! Hopefully with the weekly posting it will give you time to snap a pic of a natural you see or of yourself and family! 

So, same time, same place..different pics..? Yep! See ya Thursday, NO EXCUSES!! lol

Jahlicia <3

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