Friday, August 19, 2011

"I went natural because..." Vol. 2

Kalonia wrote:

I went natural because...
I was trying to figure out a way to accept what I could never nappy hair! Raised with the mind set that my hair was an "issue", I was the little girl swinging the towel on her head wishing it was real. Years of braids, relaxers and the Jeri curl (whoever invented that...we need to talk); I finally said yes, to the thought of locs. I had cut it all off once, and felt so ugly I cried all the time. My son even said I looked like a boy ( couldn't put a texturizer in it fast enough).Locs, however offer two benefits in one: acceptance and the ability to say,"yes, and its mine!". The beginning took me into a initiation of sorts and again I cried everyday. I felt the ugliest I ever felt in my life, I loc'd two weeks after giving birth to my fifth child. What made me stick to it, when I felt like washing them out, was that this is a commitment like marriage and if I commit to the process it will only get sweeter. And it has, I love my locs they are the crown of glory I always read about in the bible, but felt ashamed because I knew I would never have one. Now I understand it is not the length or texture, but the God given adornment of being their child, a child of the spirit. I love them, but the biggest gift is I accept and love ALL OF ME!

I went natural back in 2001 because I would see women with natural hair and I just felt that we looked better that way. I have nothing against relaxed hair, but I guarantee that any black woman with a perm, would be more attractive the way she was born. 

 @dreaontv wrote:

I went natural because I just got tired of having to keep up with relaxing my hair for styling convenience. It's been well over 10 years since I've had a relaxer of any sort in my hair and I don't miss it one bit. I've never been one to define myself by my hairstyle(s) and didn't blink an eye when I decided to cut it to my ears.
All in all, whether relaxed or in its natural state, I love my hair and will continue to love my hair and all of its complexities and I wouldn't change it for the world :)

 @Renneac wrote:

I went natural because I was fed up of using constant heat and relaxer in my hair- my hair was breaking and getting thinner and thinner. About two years before that  I almost considered growing locs but I did not have the support I needed/ wanted. Later, I realized that I only needed my OWN support and I finally took the plunge for ME! Getting rid the of relaxer from my life was a freeing experience that I haven't and would never regret. I LOVE my locs!! 

Renee wrote:
Well, I've been natural all of my life, never had a relaxer, but I'll tell you why I decided to get locs :). I wanted to do something different because I tried (various types of) braids, hair color and wigs and I was just tired of that. I love my natural hair so a relaxer or texturizer was obviously not an option, so I figured why not locs. I'm lazy when it comes to my hair (unless I'm going out) so it seemed fairly low maintenance to me. I can't say I regret it, but the frizz drives me insane lol. But all of that is part of the journey. I love how full my hair looks and the locs are coming along slowly but surely :)

Special thanks to all that were featured in this installment!  I appreciluv how all of you came through for me and everyone reading!

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Jahlicia <3

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  1. I went natural because I was tired of getting dressed for society. I woke up one day and I felt a sense of loss inside. I didn't have to have straight hair but I didn't love who I was. When I started I knew it would be easy I guess because I thought about it for a entire year. When I saw my first loc form I was overjoyed it was like I had birth a baby and I have been in love with my self totally not just saying it but living it! I wrote this shortly after..

    When I decided to journey in search of my souls desire. Acceptance nor judgment's were my motives. I do what I do because I love "ME" enough to not need acceptance or let opinionated judgments sentence me to live in a box. Like L Boogie said "I GET OUT". What we fail to realize is: image is a costume covering up the soul. I'm learning how to wear my costume once a year.