Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Crochet Earrings

Hey guys,

So I mentioned in the below listed video of me showing my re-twist, that I made some crochet flowers that I want to use as earrings and was looking for feedback on whether they looked to big or not. So, I wanted to not only pose the question to those that may not be subbed to my channel, as well as give a close up of the flowers.

Now, the light totally washed out the color as they are fuchsia however you get to see them much clearer that on the video. The color on the video is the true color they are.

Check em out and tell me what you think. To big? Just right? Love em? Hate em?

Jahlicia <3


  1. I think they're probably a tiny bit too big. But that really depends on the size of your head and your hair, right? And you know I like my hair and my earrings big, so I would rock them as is :)

  2. Nyce! I will make you a pair :)