Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Hey guys,

We back up in this peace after my week long break! Yep, I was gone, but now I'm back with the jumpoff! haha! Let me NOT quote Lil Kim before she sues ME for not paying homage, Okay! hahahahaha! Anywho, here we go with our weekly installment. aaannnnnnd GO! :)


Here is my lovely sister Jennae showing how she rocks her F.R.O. Remember when I told y'all it was massive O.O, well check it on out! 

get it gurl!

Yep! That's all her! #pow

Also, check out her daughter, my niece, showing how she held it down for the kiddies! Go Ny Ny! 

6 going on 16!

love her beautiful ringlets!

Since we are talking about the kids, and y'all KNOW Jahlicia loves the kids, I introduce Princess, the daughter of my friend in my head @ConvertingME! Isn't her hair lovely? 

thanks Princess! Hugz!

I am ALMOST ashamed to say I *borrowed*(side eye to me) this pic from my gurl @Fashion_Ninja. This is her beautiful 6 year old rocking out with the pony hawk. Who said kids cant be funky? #boom!

super cute

Of course, you KNOW I could not represent for the FroHeads without my gurl coming through as usual.  @Anomelodious, gurl your hair is laaiiiddddd! #goCeleste :D

who gon check her, boo? #what


First up to bat is my gurl Mylaylay18 who is also a LSF, showing her lovely crown! This is her debut on our post, so make sure to welcome her y'all! Hey gurl! 

loves it!

gimmee those earrings..ahora!!

 My gurl Tressey showing off her crown! Yes, gurl! #werq! Hugz!

I wanna wake up with this length TOMORROW! :)

Another LSF Ashley showing off how she rocks her locs! Love it all, the pose, the hair, the outfit! #boom!

My gurl Deanna flashing that beautiful smile and locs once again for us! Thanks for allowing me free reign at your pics.  

#boom #pow #bang

love your smile!

 Thanks to LSF Ebony for this pic! Love your locs and style!

my next pair of glasses will be these


Ever heard the song by Matisyahu "King without a Crown"? Those words are fitting for this man. What can I say other than: LOVE. Get to know him, the man named Dezzi Hotep
*insert kissing sounds here* hahahaha!

My LSF brother Jarwon.  What can I possibly say that I haven't already? hmmm, you are GREAT! The End! :) a million hugz!
I love this pic

you look ready to yell the F word in this pic! LOVE it!

  Alright, back to our regularly scheduled program. :)

Here is @fabienalexis, honestly one of the coolest peeps I have been blessed to encounter on YouTube. When I tell y'all I have never physically met her but I love her like a sister. My lowkey "advisor" she always has the best channel advice and a positive energy I love! Hugz girlie! 

Isn't her costume make up super cute? #torontocarnival

LSF Jacqueline showing her vibrant Red locs. Loving that color and your cut
I'll take the length you cut off, Okay!

Now for the dopest, dope style ever, check this out!  If I get up enough courage, this is me for my bday in October. Who feeling me? O.O
Dopest style, winner of the week!

That's all folks! Thank you to all that participated and also to those whose pics I "borrowed" remember, I have no money for lawsuits so, thank you will have to be enough! haha!
Anywho, keep in mind to submit your pics you can send them to me on twitter (@Jahlicia) or email them to me at lovejahlicia@gmail.com

Jahlicia <3