Monday, August 8, 2011


Hey guys,

We are at it again! Thanks for those who so easily sent in pics for this round, of course it's appreciluv'd. #sideeye to me for posting on Monday instead of Sunday like I originally said..but, um "Who gon check me, Boo?" O.O! Hahahhaha! Anywho, on with the show!


My girl @Mimsii! Came through with the bomb braidout! Who remembers the rapper Mims?? Know how he used to yell his name MIMS! Every time I see your name I yell it like that, even though Mims isn't...really your name O.O #corny #random #youcare hahaha!


One of my Blog Stars @Anomelodious sharing her B-Day Puff with us! Loves it! Everyone wish our gurl a Very Happy B-day and show her some L.O.V.E. :)


The beautiful @4everChoKawaii coming through showing her beautiful tendrils and 2 strand twists! Love it!

you are giving me FACE in this pic #werq #pow

lovely twists

Let's take a moment to give a special shoutout to Leesha's beautiful daughters' fro! I love it! I am so proud of her for rocking her fro...WELL! We need more youth to embrace their natural self and I encourage all of us to promote our true beauty! 2 thumbs up!

Love it with a flower

My favorite! The style, the earrings, the shading...#pow


Let's start out with my awesome superfriends, who as usual, came through in a BIG way! Love you guys cause you rock the H.E. double HOCKEY STICKS out of some Locs! Yes!

Heres my gurl Leesha, with a fresh re-twist and brand new color! For those interested it is Clairol Texture Tones in Flaming Desire. Message! :)

you KNOW you kllin it! #werq
Yep! She got a RANG on it!! #loveit

The homie Arryannya giving me police woman in these shades! I have a similar pair and I do the same! Love the hair color. It's fierce!

You KNOW you hot!

Super cute style. Love the COLOR!!

BabyLoc Love

 I love to see baby locs because this stage is really what unites ALL locers! No matter the form, size, shape or color, we ALL went through the baby stages so we all can reflect back on our time and offer motivation to conquer that first year! My gurl @TiffLuvLocs is twisted and ready to go. Enjoy and remember to document it! Hugz!

Week 1

Journey begins now! Right O.O haha!


Here is the homie Alonzo showing us his beautiful crown! Beautiful locs and a beautiful smile to match! Who needs anything else?

getting sea sick??

Braidout Beauty

Superfriend Matthew repping for thicker locs! I love those too, they have the most character. Get it Matt!


innocent smile FAKE or REAL? hahaha

Our personal Loc'd Malcom X showing loc love once again. Good looking out Rico Love!

Toppa toppa top

Length Check. No showoffs allowed, RICO :)

Of course who could discuss sexy loc'd men without our reigning Superfriends King, King J aka WhoKnew06! I mean, is it necessary for me to tell you how great you are, or do you already know? You know...good! :)

Oh Yes he DID!


Now, speaking of Kings, whether you love this man or ya don't, you def have heard of him and probably learned a lot from him directly or indirectly! Our, or should I say MY O.O, very own Dezzi Hotep! Crowned the YT Freeform king, you are sure to leave his channel thinking!


loc'd Couple Alert

Another special shoutout goes to my gurl Asia aka Bohemian Brown and her handsome hubby Vizion! I wanted to add a special place for loc'd couples at it truly holds a special place in my heart!
8,547 thumbs up!!

Wifey love :)
hubby love :)

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming! Hahahhhaa

 My gurl Epiphany aka my loc muse showing how deep the beauty of long locs can flow! Who agrees??


Prettiest Ever
@D23Dillard coming through to show her lovely locs once more :)

I plan on catching up to you SOON

my Fl. homie

My Tdot Sistren @Ebonydivine1 showing off her pretty hairstyle! Nyce! Love this chick BADD!

wey de tutorial de???

My LocFriend O.O The Lovely Jor aka @jaypeeCHILLIN showing us once again why we love her locs!!
Loving it
1 word. EARRINGS!!!!!!!!!

 Hey Inger :) Smiling away cause you KNOW your gorgeous! Oh, your hair is too! :))

2 strand twistout on locs=DA BOMB!!

such a pretty texture

In an effort to encourage our baby locers, Kalonia has sent in a pic of Day 1 of her journey. See, we all pretty much start at the same place. The beginning

Day 1

A lil further down her journey

One of my first and biggest supporters is my gurl Lewdona giving us 2 of my favorite things. Locs and Make up! Yes!

Giving me FACE!

pretty eyes!!
Mrs. Beloved, Thanks so much for your support and your pic :)

love your smile and channel :)

Of course my gurl Sheri came through so show off her beautiful locs! Hey gurl!

#pow #bang #boom #pretty

Superfriend Robin C. also with a B-Day! Hope your 
 day was blessed Robin. Make sure you wish our gurl a happy and blessed B-Day :0)
such beautiful and full locs

Now we also could not talk about loc beauty without our gurl Laila who has such long, brown and beautiful locs! I am sure I can go on and on about it! Loc muse #2

Last but def not least is a lovely subbie of mine Stacie, who is so encouraging, sweet and positive. thanks for your extra kind words and support! Hugz!

Loving this pic!

this 1 too! Rocking the "Jahlicia" style I see. hahaha CUTE!

Thanks once again to all that sent in pics for this installment. Believe it or not there was no begging involved! Yes, I made it! Now, don't go and fall off now that I am giving yall your props O.O. That being said, same time, same place, different pics later this week? Yep!

To send in pics you can either tweet me @Jahlicia or email them at


Jahlicia <3


  1. I love this blog I loved this installment as well WOW all these great pics!!! So you want fro pics too? I see *runs to get fro pics*

  2. @misspotential007 thanks so much honey! Glad you like! Yep, I am in desperate need of fro pics!! I dont care if you had your fro 10 yrs ago. Me wanty! haha

  3. @MrsBeloved02 Thanks so much! Yayyy! Glad you guys like it!

  4. Oh this is awesome * jumping up and down on my bed* ...super-pend-delicious!...ill make up my own since I can't find any for this group!

  5. seeing all these beautiful locs makes me want to start locing my hair too! #envy

  6. hahahahaa@ kalonaj! Loves it!
    @Cho Kawaii I know right! Thanks again! Tell ur loose natural friends to send their pics too!!

  7. Thanks for the bday love!!! Love the hairstyles!!!!

    and thanks for the disclaimer on the sexy men alert... whoooo weeee!!!