Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fayann Mohawk

Hey guys,

Thanks for all the positive feedback on my newest tutorial. Being that I have no clue how to add pics to my vids, here is the pic I was asked to recreate.

check de shoes!!

Also, if you happened to miss the tutorial, here it is!

Jahlicia <3


  1. hey jahlicia. i really liked your tutorial but i gotta find a way to do it with longer hair cause ive got too much! anyways if you want to add pix to you vids just upload the picture to window movie maker and save as a movie and it automatically saves 1 picture as a 5 second movie. and then u upload and insert it with everything else on youtube editor :)

  2. @BabyPhace Aww thanks so much! I suggest curling the hair to make it shorter or even trying a few loose buns on locs. U have got to be kidding its that simple. YOU ARE MY OFFICIAL LIFE SAVER!!! Def a million dollar tip. Thanks so much. Bless