Thursday, August 25, 2011

"I went natural because..." Vol. 3

 @4everChoKawaii wrote:

I went natural because of my 2 year old daughter. Her hair was brittle and not growing, at 2 years old she only had a bout 3 inches of hair. I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. I was greasing her scalp, and buying the best beauty supply products around and still it wasn't growing. I decided to do some research. Which lead me to learning about natural oils instead of synthetic ones. Utilizing the curly girl method and eliminating harsh chemicals from her hair. I myself was experiencing massive breakage from a hair dye debacle in which I lost 12 inches of growth and decided to just cut the rest off and go natural for 6 months to let my hair "rest and recuperate." That was 2 years ago. My daughter now has arm pit length hair and and I would never in a lifetime consider relaxing my hair again! I'm having too much fun.

@Glamazini wrote:

My answer is simple ... I went natural because my hair was falling out and I preferred to keep it.

Long story: I noticed the area in front of my right ear was thinning out significantly and the hair was breaking off like crazy. I flashed back to several of my family members and realized that the ones with perms had thinning hair and the ones with no perms had thick lush natural hair. I decided natural was better than bald and never looked back. 

@Anomelodious wrote:

I honestly went natural as a literal way of finding my roots. I grew up in the burbs. Deep in the burbs. I don't think I ever saw natural hair or realized what I saw growing up. When I went to school on the East Coast, I saw girls with their beautiful locs, coils, curls, and I deeply felt connected to their hair. I stopped perming my hair my second year in college and was desiring to loc my hair. I never did. I always got criticized when I went home every vacation by family members. They were upper crust, and looked down on my "nappy" hair, so I would relax my hair every spring before I went home for the summer. I'd go through the fall with no chemical only to go back into the cycle the next year. Finally, I broke down, and thought that if I used a texturizer, I would be NATURAL AT LAST! What a joke. My hair was a mess! I had a hair cut that made me look like Anita Baker Rapture days. I was only 19! And this was in the new millennium, not that 80s!!! I looked WACK! I always had ridiculously thick hair. The relaxer would thin it out, and I would jump off the bandwagon because every time I would relax my hair, it would thin out, and I loved big, thick hair. I can't help it, I'm from Texas!!! But, I did that whole entire cycle until I was pregnant, and I began this entire new lifestyle of healthy intake. I ate better, and nothing chemical touched my head and barely entered my system. Matter of fact, I rocked the same natty braids for all 9 months. I didn't get my hair re-done until the day before my water broke. I have pictures of me in my natural journey, including the horrible pregnancy pictures with the natty braids...  WOW! What a journey this has been for me and my hair.
After my punkie poo was born, I rocked the natural for a little while with a press- HOT COMB, not flat iron. Then, I of course reverted back to the chemical. YUCK! I did that for a few months, and went back into the cycle. I got off the awful merry go round in 2009. My hair was thin, it was short, it just wasn't me. My girlfriend, who did my sew ins and still does my color put in my last perm, and I cried. I cried tears of pain because I really didn't want to do it. From 2009 until today no relaxer, texturizer, keratin product has touched my hair! I love my curls. I love my coils. I love my hair. I don't think I'll ever go back. Matter of fact, right now, as I type, my girlfriend's daughter, thus who has become my girlfriend, is doing my hair. She's two strand twisting it and doing a little ditty on one side. 

So, really, all in all, I stayed chemically free and true to my texture as a way of growing into who I've always wanted me to be. Big, thick, curly, long hair, I DON'T CARE!

Tasha wrote:

I went natural the time, it felt like the BEST thing to do. In 2005, while my hair was permed, I was diagnosed with alopecia and I was devastated. My hairline all around was gone and I could hardly comb my hair because it was shedding so much. After visiting the dermatologist and being treated, once my hair started to grow back I made the decision to get rid of the chemicals and constant processing.  After a year of transitioning with braids, I became fully natural.

Now, I've been a 'loc head'. For 3 years and loving it. I was inspired by a friend of mine to go natural and loc up. She has locs and her hair is bee-u-ti-ful. She also opened my eyes to the fact that I was gorgeous with my natural hair and this helped me on my journey bolstering my confidence. Sometimes it does get frustrating, but every time I see her hair I get the motivation and the boost I need to keep on going!

@_KarmElle_ wrote:
I went natural because I was tired of relaxing my hair just to add 2 or 3 extension pieces in it to make it look fuller . I could not imagine going the rest of my life doing that . Honestly I wasn't going natural for the health if it I just wanted fuller hair and I wanted my hair to grow past my shoulders . I hated wrapping my hair at night hoping it would be the same when I woke up . Another reason is when I get married some day I don't want my husband watching me add tracks in I don't think that it's sexy lol (all my ex boyfriends thought my extensions were just as real as the hair growing out my scalp) .. Plus I LOVE CURLY HAIR !!!! when I noticed how healthy it was too go natural I was really all for it . I will never relaxed my hair for as long as I live !! #teamnatural

Tiffany wrote:

I went natural because I really felt like it was time to wake up and smell the coffee. I was harming my scalp and hair with harsh relaxers. And I tried every hairstyle you can think of but ended up with every hair problem. Like many of us, I  was in serious denial and didn't appreciated my natural hair. It was time to embrace what I was born with. If everyone else of other races can do it why not me.
Thanks to all who participated, as usual if you did not see your entry in today's installment, look forward to seeing in next Thursday! Hugz!
Jahlicia <3

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