Thursday, August 4, 2011


I experienced LESS begging this time, much thanks for that. I guess either I stole more pics #side eye or you guys are getting the hang of this thang! Either way, lets get it in!!


My gurl @ConvertingME rocking the au naturale afro! I know I fist pumped 3 times...

I feel you channeling Jilly from Philly in this pic :)

loving your fro, gurl

All I am gonna say is my gurl is holding it down solo. Let's get more afro's celebrated! We gots love for the froheads too :)

A great pic to transition from FOTD to LOTD from the pioneer @qochemist. Thanks for making your debut on my blog, hope to see you more often. Hugz!


My nemesis during Basketball season, but I love her the rest of the time :o)) the one and only @D23Dillard

such a lovely smile!

LOVE ur hair!!

 My original YT inspiration  @MeroeKhalia . Surprise, I am sure you didn't expect to see your pic, huh? hahahha!

world ah curl :)

Another of my YT loves @Ebonydivine1 showing us how to do the damn thang! Yep, I snapped twice!!

Priceless! Hurry and come back :o)

When I tell y'all I love this lady! Hugz!

flower power

Now, I don't know if it's because I have seen ALL her vids, or if we have a weird island girl connection, but I heart this chick. She is awesome! Check out MsIslandSpice

That OOTN was FIRE!


What a beautiful set of extra long locs! I can only dream....

talk about loc inspiration


 Now for one of the creators of Loc'd Superfriends, the bestest group there is, our very own Poeticoldsoul

gorgeous picture

u look peaceful

 Of course my Lowkey Channel advisor had to take part and show us her beautiful locs. Say hi to my gurl Falexis. Love Ya!

I'm a curl lover

Loc'd Superfriend Ashton with her beautiful color. Am I the only one foaming at the mouth over it? I hope not
#werk #pow #bang #stolen pic O.O um, surprise?

When I say I want a ponytail, this IS what I am talking about! #jealous
loving it completely
 Sisterloc Love right here from my gurl Flo. Check out where she began on Vol. 3

cute style, Flo! U know I got crazy love for ya!
My gorgeous subbie Nneke surprised me with her pic. LOVES IT! Isn't she so doing the most? Don't we just LOVE it? Yep

eyes, hair, face, color...# WERK!!!
 You canNOT help but love this gurl! Miss Potential got so much potential :)
we like em thick!!!

Speaking of doing the most..Yes, do it!!  
#stolen pic, I got permission...kinda :)

 My gurl Irony, coming through once again for ya gurl!

so pretty and classy


Of course the handsome Brandon came through and blessed us

18 thumbs UP

Sweet, sexy, smooth...and did I mention he was a musician? *faints* Melodiclocs Check out the Jahlicia song and turn GREEN wiff envy! Yes. WIFF!!

Matthew, one of our sexy Loc'd Superfriends :) Check us out!

Love this


 Another of our sexy Loc'd Superfriends, Rico Love

you are giving me loc'd Malcom X in this pic..and I LIKE IT!

love it from the back O.O

This concludes this edition of LOTD/FOTD
Thanks to everyone who sent in pics and #side eye (once again) to those who forgot! hahaha!

Same time, same place, different pics? Yep! 

Remember, there is no limit to how many times you submit pics or how many pics you send. So, show me what you got for a cameo. Feel free to twitpic with the hashtag included or email me at:

Jahlicia <3

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