Friday, August 5, 2011

The Infamous Heart Earrings

Hey guys,

So, in my last few vids I was wearing these heart earrings that I got from the hair store that I pretty much get all my cheap earrings from, and all I heard was "gimmee them earrings" and "I love those earrings'! Honestly, to my surprise because a. they were $1 and b. I really didn't think they were all that! Now, since you guys love them so much, I have grown a lil more fonder of them :)

Here is a close up so you can see em. Its pretty much crocheted thread through like a foam cut out of a heart. I am thinking maybe I can make em..hmmm. I bet my gurl Qochemist def can. I will ask her.

They had so many different colors that I am not thinking I should have bought more. Cross my fingers when I go back they have more. If so, I may add a few to my upcoming contest prizes *hint hint*

Jahlicia <3

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