Monday, August 15, 2011

"I went natural because...."

Hey guys,

Yep! Here I come with another of my "ideas". Now, as I pretend I don't hear the grumbling and see the eyes rolling (O.O), here is the genius thought.

I am going to add a series where naturals everywhere can proudly say why we went natural.
For example: @RastaPhresh says " I went natural because....I knew there was much more to my hair than hair cuts, braids and even an Afro so I went with locks the original way :)

This is a great way to unite the Natural Movement and also inspire others to join us! It is also very interesting to hear the different reasons others chose to make the bestest decision ever! Yep, I said bestest!

I will also make a video about this to spread the word and of course I need your help for that! Feel free to RT, link and post this to ALL naturals!

So, love it, hate it, tweak it! Let me know your feedback on this. If you are interested you can email me your response (, tweet it to me (@Jahlicia) or leave it on my FB page ( Oh, and of course "like" my page while your there :)

Naturals Unite!

Jahlicia <3

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