Friday, August 19, 2011

Weekly Spotlight: WhoisSugar

Hey guys,
This weeks spotlight is someone that is near and dear to the majority of our hearts! Sugar! If you do NOT know her, then where you been chile? 

She rocks, hard! Whether its about natural hair, thrifting or plain ole tomfoolery, you are sure to fall in love with her like we did! Here she is, our Sugar!
1. For those living under a rock, how long have you been natural (altogether)?
HA! My naturalness was first established in the 70’s. It (my naturalness) was re-established on December 2, 2004. So, I’ve been natural for 6 years 8+ months.

2. Being that you are so versatile with your hair, what would you say was your favorite way to rock your natural hair?
My favorite hair style is ANY hairstyle that I don’t have to do myself. #soulcry I really hate doing my own hair, so it’s a blessing if someone else does it for me. Wait. That’s probably not what you’re asking huh? Well, I really liked when my hair was super-duper short. See pic below. This was my 3rd big chop 27 Aug 2007. 

Since I am the owner of a whole heap of hair, the Bantu Knot out is my new favorite! Pic below. 

3. How long have you been a thrift a nista?
Chile, I’ve been trifting before it came popular…before all the YouTube hauls and blogs dedicated to thrift store finds. I would say over 10 years. Most of the items that I feature on YouTube; I’ve had them for YEARS!! See pic below. This pic was taken July 20, 2006. This thrifted number is in my 10th video. O_O

4. What is/was your most favorite thrifted item? Thrift store?
Hmm. I have this vintage jumper that is the bomb! I can’t wear it anymore more because my booty refuses to stop growing #side-eye. See Pic below.  When I tell you I shop at all the thrift stores, I mean it. I don’t have a favorite.

5. What made you decide to create a YouTube channel? Did you expect to be so popular?
I’ve actually had my YouTube channel for 5 years. I signed up for YouTube so that I could watch this video that was age sensitive. READ: Questionable adult content. My first video (January 2010) was actually a contest entry. I decided to make more videos because I had a blog that was not being updated. I figured I could just do a video to keep people updated. 
No, I didn’t expect to be popular. Wait! I’m popular?! O_o

6. I consider you a renaissance woman. What peaked your interest in things "afrocentric"?
Oh honey, I am Mrs. Black Power ALL DAY LONG (not to be confused with hating other ethnic groups)! I love our people. I love our hair, and our features. Being a woman of color, I figured I really need to love all the things that make me a woman of color.

7. Have you always been so hilarious, unique and full of life?
You think I’m funny? HA! I do crack myself up and I think other people find me funny. What’s interesting is that I don’t try to be funny. It just comes across that way…I guess. O_O I must say that it can be annoying when people expect me to make them laugh. Sometimes I’m not in the mood. I think life has taught me the value in being full of life and being an overall positive person. Who has the time to be cranky? Wait, I was cranky yesterday. #pms

8. What are the 2 products that was a huge FAIL on your hair?
1.  Relaxers.
2. Brown Gel.

9. What is your honest opinion about the YouTube community? Positive and negative.
 Hmm, I only watch positive things on YouTube. Oh LAWD, I’m lying! I do watch tomfoolery type videos sometimes (people fighting, drunken people doing drunken people activities, people who are proud of their “dancing” abilities). I will say, however, whatever your get down is…it’s on YouTube. I try to keep it positive on my channel, but the racist, negative, misogynistic, anti-natural people still manage to find my videos. I don’t entertain them.  I block and delete.

10. How do you stay so positive and carefree? What do you do to relieve stress?
 I stay positive because I realize that being positive is a choice, so I choose to be. I try not to let things bother me because that would be like giving my power away. I relieve stress by talking. Honey, I will process things to death. SMH. I also dance, paint, sew, and create.

11. Who do you watch on YouTube? But Sug, we don't mean everyone, just your top faves :)
 Oh honey! This is one of those political questions that I refuse to answer. O_O People get all hurt up when you don’t mention them.  I do like to watch videos that show me how to do something. I also fancy videos on political and social issues.

12. When can we expect to see you on TV or a comedy stage near us?? 
HA! On stage? No Ma’am! Chile, I would get booed off. LOL! I’m not sure if I want to be on TV…But Sug, you’re on YouTube…

13. You have such a lifting spirit. Do you have a "couch" we can lay on and tell you all our problems?

14. What tip do you have for a YouTube newbie like myself on having a successful channel?
Hmm. Well. Try to be a real as you possibly can be. With that said, be consistent with how you present yourself.  What are you passionate about...find what that is and talk about it.  Humor is good. So is quirkiness. Realness is too. I don’t know why you guys like me the way you do. *blush*  A sista told me today (10 Aug 2011/2:07pm) “…you have a way of making people feel familiar with you.” WOW! That actually made me #soulcry for about 10 seconds

Wow! I know a bunch of us feel the same way that sista does! I hear the church say "AMEN!!!" :)
Thanks again to Sug for doing this for us! I laughed right along with ya! 

Again, if you are under a rock and are not aware of who Sugar is, feel free to check out her YouTube channel :
Follow her on twitter :!/whoissugar

Once again, thanks so much for checking out this installment of Weekly Spotlight, look forward to the next one, it might be YOU!

Jahlicia <3