Monday, August 15, 2011

"I went natural because...."

Jennae from Green your Decor wrote:

To put it simply, I went natural because I just couldn't do the chemicals any more. In 2008, I started a blog about eco-friendly decorating, and in turn, it forced me to start looking at how to make EVERY aspect of my life more environmentally friendly. I started carrying reusable shopping bags, paying attention to what I put on my skin, switched cleaning products and made a bevy of other changes — but I just couldn't let go of the relaxer. For months, I would feel guilty whenever I put the creamy crack on my head.  But since I had my first relaxer in second or third grade, it was all I had ever known. I never felt more beautiful than when I had a fresh relaxer and my hair was laying all straight and shiny. AND, I was already lazy about my hair, even when I was relaxed. On top of that, I was already struggling to care for my then 3-year-old daughter's huge head of natural hair.

But finally, the guilt became too much. One day, I literally just up and decided that enough was enough. I would never relax my hair again. Period. And I meant it. My last relaxer was in January 2009, and I never looked back. And every time I tell this story, I think of a poster & t-shirt from Andrea Pippins (a.k.a. my hair idol) of the Fly Girls blog and It reads:

"The only regret I have with going natural is that I didn't do it sooner."

@Ebonydivine1 wrote: 

I went natural because...I was tired of the weaves and wigs; and perms were breaking my hair. I seen all the beautiful naturals and knew that was for me :)

Thank you Jennae and Ebony for your candid response. Both helpful and inspiring! Hugz!


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  1. Thank you so much for doing this! Talk about inspirational! I am copying it so I can add it to the next post we have! xoxo