Friday, July 29, 2011

My 1st Day @ Dynasty Salon

Yayyyy! Hey guys, so I just wanted to jump in real quick and say I had a great day at the salon. My co-workers are nice, the atmosphere is chill and I got a new client today! Can you say "Cha-ching"!!!

I only had 1 client today so I mostly talked (y'all know I did) and get to know the people I work with so I will have more news to share as the days go! Just know, so far I am loving it!

Here is a few shots of the salon so you can see it, I want you to feel like you are with me, cause you are #side eye. Once I get comfortable and won't look suspect, I will take pics of the whole place. It is huge!

the chair on the right is my station! Yayy!!

This me sitting in the chair, shoutout to my whip starring in the background! #cameo

Now, I know most of y'all are nosey like me so here is what I looked like leaving the house, pumped up, nervous and ready to go!

More to come! Hugz

Jahlicia <3

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