Friday, July 8, 2011

Who is Down with a lil Weekly Spotlight..?

 Hey guys,

There are so many people that I think are awesome. The life they live, the people they are, the thoughts they is endless. You guys would be so surprised to know how many of you inspire me. For the inspiration, the love, the honesty, the courage, the perseverance, the motivation, the jokes, the struggle, the reality, the feedback...etc I could NEVER repay you. Thank you doesn't seem like enough so....

I decided that every week I will spotlight someone on my blog who inspires me, who I find interesting, who I feel we can learn from and showcase them on the "world" will know how much I heart them!

So for all you artists, stylist, fashionistas or fashionistos, singers, dancers, poets, deep thinkers, amateur comedians, personal swaggers, life coach's hell ventriloquists out is a place where you will be apprecluved, celebrated, admired, listened to and hopefully inspired! Yep, I can get deep like that sometimes. #Boom
So, here's what I am asking from yall cause you KNOW I need help! If you have someone in mind or yourself, leave me a comment and I will check them or you out. You never know, you might see your face, in this space *making a square like motion meaning the blog space* hahahahha Duh!
Also, comment and let me know if you are loving this idea or you think its Wack sauce! Gracias!

Jahlicia <3