Friday, July 29, 2011

#LOTD/#FOTD Vol. 2

I am not going to comment on all the side eyes I am issuing to those following me on twitter that I messaged about participating, I am just focusing on the lovely peeps that did! Thanks guys!

Ok, first up to bat #LOTD, beginning with 2 of my clients in which I take full responsibility for their FABULOUSNESS!!! Hahahahha!

her expression in the mirror says it ALL :)

gorgeous Dre :)

Now to preview a lovely youtuber we all know and love. Can you name her?
My Loc Inspiration *faints*
You got it, our own @Renneac coming through to support ya gurl! Btw, stop by her blog and show her some love! Hugz!

Now for our oh so froAlicious #FOTD divas beginning with my gurl @Anomelodious coming through once again to stunt for the camera! #werk!  
You make Angela Davis blush :)
 How y'all can look at this fro and NOT pump your fist in the air 3 times is beyond me! I LOVE IT.COM!!! 

Also, for your visual enjoyment some of my latest work. Again, I demand to take all responsibility for their FABULOUSNESS! :)

my lovely niece

today's work! 1st day & what!!! :)

Thanks again to all that contributed and intended on contributing! The rest of you, SIDE EYE TO INFINITY!! Hahahahahaha! 
If you want to know how to do your share, click this link for instructions. 




  1. YAY!! Now I feel like a starrrr!! lol Anomelodious' hair color is fire!
    Your work is very good girl. All the best <3. Oh, thanks for the blog shout out too!!

  2. Nice ideal and way to share/show love to and support others. Lovely pics. I greatly enjoy the beauty of natural, healthy hair.

  3. Thanks so much guys! I truly appreciluv the support! Hugz