Thursday, July 7, 2011

You ain't got to Lie Craig......

I swear, some folks need attention...Badly!!

I wake up yesterday and do my usual, check twitter! Don't act like I am the only one, y'all do it too!! Anyway, I check twitter and I see my homie @Frankeyz speaking about a mutual "twitfriend" of ours "Safiyah". She is saying RIP to her. Immediately I am shocked and searching her mentions for info thinking she died. I am shocked, upset, concerned all in one because I had just tweeted her the night before, life is so precious its possible she could be dead, plus she is super cool and didn't want anything to happen to her. Once I get into her mentions I see the reason for concern. Can you say desperate/thirsty!!
Apparently, the person we know as "Safiyah Morales" (yes,we had her full name) is in fact NOT her! It was all a hoax. This thirsty individual STOLE this beautiful sista's information, created a twitter and a facebook and BECAME her!! I CANNOT make this stuff up, y'all! So the entire time we are all tweeting, talking and loving her (sidebar: she had such great personality and spunk) it was some Nigerian chick that has been loosely called a "bison"! Shocking, right!!!
2 things about this story saddens me. 1 is that this "bison" is so insecure about her own looks and worth that she would rather create this fabulous life online than be who she really is. This chick had a fashion career, flashy nights on the town, drunken weed induced fun that we all enjoyed vicariously through her. Many a nights I found myself thinking, damn this girl has it all! YEAH RIGHT! Lesson, you never know what others REALLY have or how they got it.
2 is that she stole this girls ENTIRE FREAKING LIFE!! Like, are you kidding me??? Who does that?? Well apparently SHE does! I mean, since I was her "friend" on facebook I had access and saw for myself over 500 pics of this girl, her family, family trips, her house and all her friends. There was even madd video on there also. Wowsers is all I can think to say!!

So, I know you are all curious to see the beautiful sista we all thought she was and the thirsty bison that did it so, here you go!

Here is the beautiful "Safiyah Morales" we all grew to know and love!! Rip Safiyah

...and THIS may be the thirsty, despicable bison that it really was!

**Update: So, I removed the pic of the alleged pic thief to protect the possible innocent! However once it is determined who in fact did it, expect to be informed. Trust, she pretty much looks like the pic, just add bright red lipstick**
Thanks goes out to the fool on twitter that shared the news. Ugh! What an asshole, he is :) -J

Anyway, I think this is an interesting story and will definitely keep you posted. I am well as other tweeters are on am all out search to find who the loc'd beauty really is. She needs to know her entire life was STOLEN!!!

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