Thursday, July 28, 2011

RoadTrip! Well, Not Really!


hahahhaha! The not really is because we went to Atlanta which is like 45 mins. from me so I am not sure if that's considered a "real" roadtrip! Anyway, Me and the bf Ray (I am sure y'all know his name by now) went to the airport to pick up my mother and decided to hang out a lil. By a lil I mean, to the gas station, the local Subway and then hit the highway. We hung out all right, SYKE!

Ok, I will get to the important details...MY LOCS! Here are a few pics of my fresh mock retwist and a great comparison shot of the twisted versus untwisted. Enjoy!

Doesn't he look COOL? #sideeye :)

close up of the ragga rough :)
twisted on top, ragga rough on the bottom :)

Am I the only 1 that takes pics like this? I have a bunch. I was cheesing huh?

My police woman shades #pow #sirensounds #corny #loveit
hahahahhahaha! Can't you just tell Ray is so accustomed to my shenanigans that he doesn't even blink an eye! Love HIM! Enjoy!

Jahlicia <3

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