Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mock Re Twist + A almost Bantu Knot Out

Just a few pics of my mock retwist and bantu knot out. Please don't expect to see a head full of curls because someone (me) didn't let then dry all the way. I have since convinced myself that this is how I wanted it to look anyway! Hahahahahahha! Right, Gurl! Enjoy!

I can honestly say, looking at these pics, my locs have grown and thickened up quite a bit! I must thank semi free forming for that. I am thinking I am a mock re-twist/semi free former from now on. I'll call it "mock free former". Let's see if it offends someone #sideeye. :)

Jahlicia <3


  1. Very lovely!! The waves look good girl!

  2. Your hair looks great. Does not appear to need retwisting.

  3. Thanks @tmice826. I retwisted the front only!