Friday, July 15, 2011

A Little of This, Little of That

Hey guys! Whats been going on out there behind the computer, Ya'll good? Good, nice to hear! hahaha!

I wanted to show you guys a few pics of what I have been up to lately, like, as in the last 24 hrs. I know, I stay getting myself into something.
So, as I told y'all I lightened my colored locs some more, plus call myself "creating" a red/black leopard style loc that was a complete #fail. Well, semi fail as I am determined to get it right. This was totally my motivation to try it and I don't know whether to thank them or slap myself...possibly BOTH! Here are some close up pics for you to judge it! Sidebar: it is very difficult to photograph jet black hair, especially with a blackberry so trust my locs are not as whiteish or faded as they appear. Plus I still had a lil conditioner in it. Okay!!

ps. YES, I am wearing glasses..totally awesome nerdy glasses that I love! Ray calls them MDJD's and its NONE of your business WHY! hahahahahahaha

Now, you can see my Semi Fail up close and personal! Ugh! Looks more like a red/black Dalmatian style which is NOT what I am going for. Stay tuned for attempt #2, what do you think, #fail or #win?

Ok, now I have also fell in like with crocheting again, I am thinking its because I so love bows, so here is a up close pic of my now infamous red bow! Feedback? I am already onto bow #2. Who wants one??

I am so channeling Minny Mouse and I LOVE IT!!!!

Lastly, I have been thinking about my love for makeup and my lack of lighting to actually do make up tuts and have totally come up with a solution. So, you know how there are like 50 million and one yt make up tuts uploaded daily? Well, if you are a make up lover but cant stand to sit through the entire long ass tutorial like myself, I have devised an idea. What I will do from now on is what I call "Make up Drills"! Make up drills is when I show you my finished eye look and then show you the products I use, a brief synopsis (college word :) of how I did it and the tools I use. It will be sooo much easier and quicker to do, shoot and upload. It is for the person who understands make up basics and fast forwards through the tuts (like I do). Now, of course I am always open for questions if I skim through something that you don't overstand, but for the most part I am willing to bet this will make more sense in the long run. I mean, over 12 mins for a makeup tut? I should be ashamed of myself!
So, here is my latest look, just so you can see my work! I am by no means a make up artist but I play one on TV!

Jahlicia <3