Thursday, July 28, 2011

LOTD=Locs of The Day/FOTD=Fro of The Day

 Hey yall,

If you follow me on twitter @Jahlicia  then you may be aware that I discussed a #LOTD segment on my blog where you just twitpic your locs, however you are rocking them that day, add the hashtag #LOTD and mention me to participate. What I didn't mention is that I want LOOSE naturals to participate as well. I would love to promote ALL forms of natural hair.
I must say thank you to the 3 tweeps that have agreed so far. Sidebar: sideeye to the 213 other people following me, but I digress! Lol!
What you are not aware of is WHY I want to do it. My reasoning behind it is to promote beautiful locs and natural hair in and out of styles and share the many different types, shapes, sizes and textures of naturals. So, in order to do so I NEED YOUR HELP. Singing "I ain't to proud to beg..." while I drop to 1 knee; pweety pweese with sugar on top???

For now, until I get more pics than I can post, I will add the collection weekly however I envision posting pics bi-weekly or tri-weekly (is tri-weekly even a word? O.O) due to the overwhelming contributions I receive, right!!

So, again, all I need you to do is twitpic your natural hair that day, add #LOTD or #FOTD and mention @Jahlicia. 
I will gladly do the rest! Be sure to follow this blog to ensure you see your pic as well as some other inspirational naturals pics!

Oh, just so that we are clear, sending me your pic is giving me the explicit right to use your photo for my blog so please do not try and sue me CA MEAN GA NO MONEY!! O.O!!  hahahahahha...but for real doe, I don't! The only thing I have is my cell phone and you WILL have to pry it from my dead, cold hands!!! hahahahahaha!!  

Now, that we got that out of the way I am happy to show our first #LOTD entries from my girl @honeycoomb who sent me this pic of her beautiful crown....

and also a lovely pic from the beautiful @Lalahunnie06 

Thanks so much y'all for being my first! I'm no longer a #LOTD virgin. Hahahhaaha!!

Extra special Thanks goes out to my girl @Anomelodious for my first #FOTD entry! Dare I say it is FROALICIOUS!!! Check the earrings and let's have a moment of silence for my #earringenvy! Annnnnd scene :)

WERK *Snaps fingaz* #pow

So, if you would like to participate then...DO IT!! I will gladly accept them. Thanks for all the support and encouragement guys. My job is to support, encourage and motivate y'all too! Triple Love!

Jahlicia <3

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