Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Busiest Week...Ever!

Hey guys!

I know, I know! I have been gone ALL week long, I didn't even record this week but trust me, it's with good reason! I have been in meetings, ripping and running and doing hair all in between all of that! In no way am I complaining, I'm just saying.

Lets start with the good news! Well, as of this Thursday, yours truly will be working in a SALON!! Yayyy me! Yes, ya gurl is officially in a salon. I am so thankful and blessed for the opportunity as it solves allot of my problems while also helping the owners.
One day about 2 weeks ago I was contacted by a Salon owner in reference to working in her salon. It was such a blessing as I needed someplace closer in town for my clients to visit. I live in the country side so without a vehicle and good directions...forget about it! Lol. Upon meeting her and working out the details, we have agreed to work together and I cannot wait!! Yayy me! Stay tuned for salon footage!
Also, I have been getting new clients like crazy! Ya gurl has been working up a storm on the other side of this computer. I must have done about 10 heads this week and praying for more.
I literally just finished braiding my niece's hair and here is a pic of her style.

 Its a Mohawk style with a twist out in the middle, it is twisted now to give desired look. #Boom!

Lets see...I also made 2 trips to Atl this week and was up before 9am almost every day! So, things are progressing and all praises to the most high JAH for these blessings that are bestowing upon ya gurl.SMILEYFACE!!

I also bought some new products to try and moisturize my locs and will be recording and posting pics and my opinions on them tomorrow! So, stay tuned for more Jahlicia adventures and  Thanks again for all the support!

Jahlicia <3


  1. Happy to hear you have the opportunity to follow your hearts passion. Stay true to you, what you know is right, and nothing but blessing and prosperity will be granted to you. Waiting for the "she works hard for the money so you better treat her right" pics : )

  2. Thank you is not enough! I will carry those words of wisdom with me as I enter this chapter of my life! I really appreciluv all your positive encouragement! It is amazing the love you feel thru the computer :)) God Bless

    Pics coming soon! Love ya :)