Thursday, July 28, 2011


Sup peeps :)

If you follow my channel (and you really should) you would know that my dry locs have been a major problem for me. I put out a request for assistance via shampoo/conditioner and you guys came through with a vengeance for ya gurl! Yayy! If you missed that video, I am happy to add it here :)

When I say y'all let me get all up in your scalp and bathroom sinks, figuratively of course, and told me not only what you use, but what was a fail for you, what NOT to use and where to look and find these products! If y'all wasn't all wearing S's on y'all chest'ss! hahahaha! Get it, s's on your chest'ss...O.O. #corny. Anywho...

The feedback was awesome and I learned a lot! Since my girl avarochelle (shoutout) mentioned Trader Joe's and I have one in town I decided to start there. I found the Tee Tingle shampoo/conditioner sitting there singing "Jahlicia, you neeeed us" so I had to get them. Lol! Of course as soon as I got home I co-washed my locs and the silkiness and moisture was apparent almost immediately! When I tell you I could not stop touching my locs for the rest of the day. $3.99 each WELL WORTH IT! I love it so much I am using it on my clients and so far, so great!
                                                       close up of the bottles :)

While at Trader Joe's I also got a huge gallon bottle of Aloe Vera Juice ($7.99) that I was recommended my my girl RealMzhill (shoutout) and that has worked almost magically as well. It has to be kept in the refrigerator but in this heat a cold loc spritz is FINE with ME! In my bottle I have Aloe Vera Juice, water and Olive and Tea Tree oils. It feels and smells lovely!                                                                                    

Next on my list is to try a shampoo bar or two, IC Tea shampoo/conditioner and the Infamous Taliah Wajiid products. My mentor Damian uses the "loc it up" for his fabulous clients but it is so hard to get here plus their terrible customer service has ran me right out of ordering online. Luckily one of my subbies and I are going to do a product swap (Trader Joe's for Taliah Wajiid) so hopefully sometime in the near future I will have my review on that!
So, the saga continues and so far, I am loving it!

Here's my first impression review of these products if you missed it!

Jahlicia <3

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