Friday, July 1, 2011

You didn't mean to say "Rasta" right? O.O

I am telling you, people are crazy these days! Me and Ray (the bf) was chilling, and by chilling I mean waiting in the damn heat, over a friends house when this random lady asking him the typical questions. "Is that all your hair?, how long have you been growing it?" and my personal favorite "Can I touch it?" Now, if you have locs or know anyone with em, those are pretty much the standard cookie cutter loc questions. So, of course he answers and to the last one I jump in with my usual resounding "NO". She was a lil taken aback but then abruptly kept on talking and inquiring. I mean, his hair is long as hell so we are pretty much used to the admiration. Now, as she goes on to talk I am tuning her out, looking at twitter, yanno, doing me when out of the blue I hear the word "Rasta". So, I instantly look up out of my twitter haze to both of them looking at me. "Excuse me" I say. Now from how I am sitting I can see both of their expressions...her looking like she is waiting for a response, him looking like he wanted to say "please dont respond" so you KNOW at that point I am definitly interested. This lady said "You guys aren't those....rastas are you". Huh? Instantly I am defensive like, what do you know about rasta and you have 2.5 seconds to explain before I GO IN!! Do you know this beeeyach said it again..with even more disgust on the ending. So, I went IN! I would love to tell you guys all I said but just know that by the end of that convo, She was apologizing and admitting that she was told when she went on a trip to Jamaica to stay away from the "rasta's" because they will rob and rape you! hahahahhaa sometimes ignorance is so astonishing even I am speechless!
Now, in my head I am like, &*&%^%*&^&%^% and ((&(())*^&^$^&&^&&!!!!!! But I quickly explained to her that RASTA ARE PEACEFUL, LOVING PEOPLE and have little to no interest in her money nor pussy! Please, I have never in my entire life heard of a rasta raping a soul, have you?
So, needless to say after a 45 min history lesson she was set straight!! Completely straight and I have officially done my good deed for the day. Dont think for a second that I didnt make it clear to her that it was the power of "JAH RASTAFAR I" that kept me off her ass so she may wanna consider thanking him! Okay! smdh!
I just wanted to share this story with you guys because you just cannot make this stuff up! Let me know your thoughts!
Jahlicia <3


  1. I'm glad you did respond because ignorant confused people don't have a clue about the righteousness of the faith. They just see & hear about people with a dread appearance and just assume.They don't know the positive influence that Rastafari has had on the world in terms of knowledge, Culture, health and spirituality. Heights JAHLICIA!

    Yes Lioness

  2. Exactly!! Give thanks for the added insight. I couldn't have said it better!! Hugz Sis!!