Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekly Spotlight: Meroe Khalia

I am so happy to spotlight Meroe! First of all she is so bubbly, friendly and sweet..did I mention cute! #winning!! Lol. I am so glad that she agreed to be featured as she is inspiring, helpful, accomplished and most importantly, grounded. As one of the most prominent inspirations as to why I started making videos, just watching her videos her energy is electric! I love her and appreciluv all she has done and aspired to do, and she is by no means finished yet. Everyone, meet Meroe!!

I asked a series of diverse questions as she is interesting way beyond just her beautiful locs, she is a freelance loc stylist, singer, student, youtuber...etc. How she has the time, we would all love to know. :)

1. For those of us who live under a rock, how long have you been growing your locs?
It will be 9 years next month! I started them August 2002.

2. Why locs as opposed to loose natural hair?
I had no clue what to do with my natural hair and I honestly didn't like it. At the time I started my locs, having locs was the only "acceptable" natural hair style for females my age. I was a junior in high school and the only female with natural hair. 

3. What made you decide to start doing locs for the public?
I had been watching youtubers for about 1 year and I started to think I had something I could add to the loc community. It was a safe place to share my knowledge and experiences with other natural people. I wanted to see if I could be “good at it” and I think I have gotten a lot better since my 1st loc video. 

4. Whats the biggest natural hair mistake you have made either on yourself or a client?
Myself it was not doing enough research! This resulted in me coloring my hair so often that it weakened my hair, and I wasn’t moisturizing and conditioning it enough, which resulted in breakage. I eventually cut out all of the color. Also, when I used Dr. Bronner’s pure castile soap full strength 2 times in a row it resulted in even worse weakening of my roots. This is why I am semi-free forming right now. 
With a client I was oblivious to the fact that certain products can cause build up, therefore I have used locing creams and waxes in people’s hair that cause them to have build up. I am currently working on developing a light spray that I use on myself and my clients so that neither of us have this issue anymore. 

5. What made you decide to start a youtube page? Did you expect to become so popular?
Same answer as #3.  I don’t think I am “popular” but I do think I have a slightly significant voice in the youtube loc community. I think my bubbly personality is the main reason why I have as many subbies as I do. I also try to  look my best in my videos,  but then again there are plenty where I am completely natural with no make up and a t-shirt on…even those videos I get good responses to so that’s why I think its more my personality than anything else. 

6. What is one random thing your "Internet" family doesn't know about you?
I am LOVING single life right now! I have spent most of my life in or in between relationships and I am finally learning the benefits of being “single”! I get to take time out for me and focus on my goals without feeling the pressure of a relationship. I love being in relationships but one of my flaws is that when I am in one, I tend to neglect my needs and goals which is a terrible thing. I’m not looking forward to my next relationship because that would mean I can’t date anymore lol!

7. Why Opera? How did you get introduced to Opera?
I didn’t chose Opera, Opera chose me. I joined the choir at my university in 2005 and fell in love with singing. I wondered how I could continue singing after college because I felt a church choir wouldn’t be enough for me. I began taking voice lessons summer of 2006 with my choir director and he introduced me to some Italian art songs, which is what you work on 1st when you are getting into classical music. My voice was very comfortable singing this type of music and I enjoyed it! The music is timeless, respectable, and I can perform it without dressing like a slut…unlike popular music. I would have never chosen to study opera because I honestly didn’t like it. It wasn’t until I was exposed to it as a young adult with an open mind that I realized this is what I am meant to do. 

8. What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?
Money. LolLol! If money was no object then my motivation would be just happiness and enjoying life. I love  to travel and to surround myself with talented, positive and hilarious people. 

9. What is your best make up tip? Quickest go to makeup look?
Cleanse your skin!!! I have finally been brave enough to wear makeup without 1st applying foundation or tinted moisturizer and it wasn’t until then that I realized my skin is pretty nice! Okay I guess that wasn’t a makeup tip….lol! 
My best make up tip would be to blend your eye shadow!!! I HATE seeing women with eye shadow on that is packed onto the lid and then ends abruptly! Blend that SH*T!!! lol!!!   
My quickest look is a neutral eye. This morning I did a super quick look with 1 WnW palette and 2 e.l.f. brushes…one shader brush and one blending brush. Then applied liquid liner and mascara and done!

10. How do you manage time to do all the things you are involved in plus get in a good workout?
Honestly, I do not get everything done everyday. Sometimes I will miss a workout because I have to practice the piano or an aria, other times I will workout and then not feel like practicing. The key to working out is finding the best time for YOU! Some people enjoy being up early in the morning so that is probably the best time for them to workout. I hate waking up for workouts but it is my favorite time because then I have lots of energy that day, I feel like I started my day off in a positive way, and I only have to take one shower, therefore I only go thru one pair of undies!!! (TMI)  This past year though, I can’t work out before work because then I would have to wake up at 4 a.m. which I refuse to do. At school I could workout in the morning before class but most times that I miss a workout it is because I chose the extra hour of sleep over the workout. I now workout after class or after work and that works for me. I am wide awake and have no excuse. I bring my workout clothes with me in the morning before I leave, therefore I don’t go home and end up getting lazy and miss a workout.  I have found that if I workout right after work/class then it just becomes a part of my work and then after I finish my day is done. 

11. What is the thing you love most about being on youtube? The least?
The thing I love most is getting comments on my videos. I get really excited and I read and reply to each one. I love the 2-way communication. 
The thing I like least is when I have a ton of views on a video and just a few comments. The purpose for me making videos is to interact with people, not just talk to them. I like when they give me feedback. That’s why I try to make it a point to comment on the videos I watch. 
12. What are your thoughts on the whole "natural hair" movement on youtube? Do you see a division between loc'd naturals and loose naturals?
I love the natural hair movement! I see more and more women going natural and I am sure that youtube and blogs are encouraging more women to embrace their natural hair, as well as show men that it is beautiful! There is some division between loose naturals and loc’d naturals but I still watch both types of channels. I am looking forward to having loose hair again someday.
13. When in the hell are we gonna get a singing video?? :)
I need to stop faking huh? Lol!

Thanks so much to Meroe for hanging with us via this blog today! I so appreciluv her and had to add her to my spotlight list. Take one look at her YT vids and you will love her too!

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