Friday, September 30, 2011

Is GAY the new BLACK?

I am telling you guys, sometimes I ponder this for real!

This is a topic that so many of us shy away from, hide behind our "respective religious sects" or just plain and simple have no sympathy for based on our beliefs. For a Rasta woman, it is considered taboo to discuss it however my main question is this. Irregardless of our personal beliefs, when did lifestyle trump humanity? When did it become okay to ignore the struggles of humans because we don't agree with their decisions? That to me is a dangerous thermometer reading of the temperature of us as a people! A reading I refuse to be a part of.

If we turned on the TV right now and saw a gang of black people being hosed, hung and/or savagely beaten, how would we react? Look at the outrage over the Troy Davis execution...but hearing or seeing someone gay, transgendered, confused, lost, different, non religious, Indian...(insert minority grouping here) being stripped of their rights, looked at as 2nd rate citizens and in worst cases brutalized for being who they are doesn't ignite even a second glance?? Really? Wowsers!

Really, think about it. Black people were beaten, tortured and killed just for being black. Black people were prevented from regular civil opportunities in society just for being black. We were hated, judged, spit on, kicked and just all around treated like dogs, just for being black. Now, think about it from the gay prospective. Similar huh? I think so!

Now, let me say this, I am not saying put on a rainbow cape and defend all injustices, but open your mind to the possibility that your thinking, your actions, your disregard for others may be rooted in something other than Jesus, Allah, Budah, JAH or any other "god" you serve. Hmmm *food for thought*

There are some that will say.."Jahlicia, what have YOU done while you are up here preaching to us about doing stuff", and to this I chuckle and say "I ain't do a mf thang..but write this blog!" Lol! But here me out. I wrote the blog, hopefully shed some insight on this so now the next time injustice is right in front of your face you will remember this blog and make a different decision! Mission Accomplished! :)

Think about it!

Jahlicia <3


  1. Miss JAHLICIA. This is Shavonda aka Back2nap1120 via YouTube. HEY GUURRRL!! I just want to say as a black lesbian woman seeing this post was absolutely refreshing. I know that you may catch hell from people for speaking your truth but THANK YOU!! I think that just opening the avenue for discussion is the most powerful way to get people to see a different perspective. I love love love you for this. Homosexuality is extremely taboo in the black community specifically because of how deeply rooted in religion black culture is, but, the reality is that some black people are in fact gay. There are way more gay black people than some can imagine and the sooner people learn to respect our differences and coexist the better and stronger we will be as a community. I also think that because it is taboo oftentimes people dont think about the fact that the gay community continues to go through many of the same struggles that blacks did trying to fight for thier right not to be treated as a second-class citizen, ecxept in many cases its so much worse because we are a double minority. Thank you again for putting this in the atmosphere. Here's to hoping that this will spark conversation and evoke thought. OKAAAAY...OKAAAAY.

  2. Okay!! Thank you so much for reading and commenting. This is a topic that is viewed as taboo but for me it is a humanity issue. Who cares who sleeps with who, there are PEOPLE being hurt, killed, committing suicide and it HAS TO STOP! If everyone was outcasted for being different, who would be the incasts??? hmmm, nobody! I appreciluv that you can feel me on this, cause I am truly a defender of the ill treated, judged and cast out. I love people and your sexual preference will NEVER affect that love. The End! Okayyyy! lol. Love ya back!