Sunday, September 18, 2011

ACV Rinse

Hey guys,

In the past month or so I have seen most of my fav loc'd Yters doing an acv (apple cider vinegar) rinse to get rid of buildup so, I decided to do it also. I usually do not have buildup however I have noticed that right after I dye my locs I tend to have some so, being that I dyed my locs about 2 weeks ago, now is a perfect time to do it!

Also, I have turned into a loc exhibitionist so I must share with you the process! Yayy! Clap Track! Lets begin!

Here are the ingredients!

The mixture I used

What I did first, after I mixed up the ingredients, is rub some baking soda down my locs (same as bronzegoddess01) just for a little more fizz.

mixture before

Then I submerged my locs into the mixture, since I did it in a tub (same as MsIslandSpice) I simply lay my head into the mixture and let it sit for about 7-10 minutes.

side view

ooh, gurl! I fixed my brow as soon as I seen't this pic O.O

thumbs up if you smell vinegar! Ha!

Gurl, #weak at that brow! #side eye also..anywho, lets carry on!

After the time passed, I squeezed all the mixture out of my locs and towel dried before washing. Why? I walked around my house for about 10 mins and didn't care for sopping wet vinegar type juice leaking all over my body! Okay!

Because I <3 y'all and I know y'all are nosey just like me, here is what the water looked like after. Sidebar, NO I didn't bleed into the water, its my rinse. O.O

Wow! This was IN my locs

I guess it is not THAT bad! Red mostly

I took some pics of my locs before co-washing. Let me know if you see any more buildup.

pre co-wash

see me ?

looks pretty much buildup free

Now, its time for a quick co-wash with my Trader Joe's Tee Tree Conditioner, as well as thorough rinsing cause y'all KNOW I gots to get that smell out of my babies :)

Lastly I am deep conditioning over night with Hello hydration, Cantu Shea butter, olive oil and a conditioning cap! Yes, I know I look super sexy and y'all sweating me but "I gots a man....O.O" hahahaha!

conditioner rubbed in


Here is me on my Conditioner Cap Steez! 

Haha! Ray say it looks like the ole school popcorn thang you used to put over the stove! I agree! Lol!

So, I am pretty much going to bed like this, so if I don't get any tonight its the damn popcorn cap that's to blame! lmaoooo!

Any questions, concerns feel free to hit me up. Thanks for checking out my post and as usual, hugz!

Jahlicia <3


  1. Get your ACV rinse on girl!! Werq (your voice)
    Its very important to keep lint/buildup at bay!

  2. Nice. I did a AVC and baking soda rinse last month and got some good results. I took before and after pics of the water but never ended up posting it.

  3. Very interesting post and funny to read lol! I haven't done this kind of ACV rinse yet, (I use a spray bottle) maybe I will in the future as I would like to dye my hair at some point (If I'm brave enough!)
    Think I will call that cap your popcorn cap from now on! :3 It does look quite handy though. :)

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  5. It's me ~ your newest fan from down under! I'm just seeing this for the first time and you just make me laugh (even in no-motion viewing!). It's been a while since I ACV'd and your pics have given me the motivation. See ya 'round cyberspace.