Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Crown: Measured

Hey guys,

I have been meaning to do another length check to see if my locs had grown since the last time I did it and boy did they! I first measured my locs, as requested by 1 of my subbies, on May 21st, 2011 and in just over 4 months (today being Sept. 24th, 2011) I have seen between a 1-1/2" increase. Yay!?!

If interested, here is my first length check

May measurements

Top lengths = 5"
Middle/Side lengths = 5.5"
Back/Bottom rows = 6.0 "

Sept. measurements

Top lengths = 5.75"
Middle/Side lengths = 6.5"
Back/Bottom rows = 7.0"

I was wayyyy more excited about the hair growth until I googled that hair grows about 0.5" a month! Um, excuse me but someone owes me about another inch and a half, right? O.O

Anywho, while I side eye my scalp, I will wear a smile that there was growth at all and who knows, maybe I will find those extra inches while my hair is wet. Please believe I will be checking so if you don't see a followup to this blog....I am STILL side eye ing my scalp! Ha!

Jahlicia <3

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