Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Focusing on Plan A

I don't quite know when, but I fell off my own bandwagon! Who does that? How does that happen? Chile, who knows but I did!

While watching Me-Anie's vid "I don't do a plan B" I realized that I have allowed negative thoughts and feelings to somewhat deter me from my goal and that is a HUGE #side eye to myself! Gurl, get yourself in check is all that resounded within my spirit! So, I started getting my butt in gear with the quickness.

As a person who is known as a quitter and a runner, any kind of adversity is reason to bolt but in life, I will never accomplish anything by quitting when the going gets tough, so for once and for all in my life, I am planting my feet firmly in the ground and sticking to my guns! Go Jahlicia!

I also made a video for my YouTube channel on this topic so I will add that in at some point, along with Me-Anie's aka Barbaydian261, video. Hopefully it ignites a spark in you as well.

 Me-Anie's "I don't do a Plan B"

My Video "Done with the Plan B"

So, what have I done so far, you ask. Well, for one I got my lazy ass up and exercised for the first in quite a while. What did I learn? The first days of working out is a fucking killer!! My advice to any overweight peeps out there is never start and stop exercising like me because you will never get to the burn that everyone talks about and start enjoying it because every time you will feel like your first time and QUIT!

Also, I mapped out my exercise program, eating and water intake as well as my immediate and long term goals to ensure I stay on track on exactly what I need to be doing. I had never been this clear before, half assing writing it down, feeling like it was in my head so I was good. Needless to say it stayed in my head and the weight stayed on my ass...stomach..arms! You get the point! WRITE IT DOWN, MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

So, to summarize, I finally got my shit together and I plan on taking you guys along for the ride! Next time I will tell you what I did for my professional life, YouTube Channel and romantic life! You can watch me achieve my goals right before your eyes! Seeing is believing so I would love to see your dreams unfold along with me.

Dream Big My Loves, Dream Big!



  1. I loved this blog (and video).

    LSF Unite :)

  2. Great post. I need to refocus on my weight- loss for sure!! among other things

  3. Thanks sis! I am here writing another blog about my 1st semi week exercising and I am also posting what I ate! Clawd have Mercy! Ha!