Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Exercise/Eating Journey Ep. 1: The Beginning

Hey guys,

I know, I know! Long overdue but like I said in the last food posting, I have to do it in my own time. Well, IT'S MY TIME! I got on the scale and almost keeled over at the numbers! Needless to say, my diet and exercise plan began that very next day!

So, to keep myself accountable and to go along with my prior posting "Focusing on Plan A" here is my first installment of my weekly exercise and eating post. No lying! No deleting! No sugar coating! This is what I did or didn't do and what I ate or shouldn't have eaten.

Now, I started on Wednesday Sept. 21st therefore it is more like a semi-weekly but look forward to a full week from here on out!
As far as diet is concerned, I am sticking primarily to the Atkins way of no more than 20g of carbs daily while also incorporating some fruit in as well. Now, I know that fruits are not allowed on the Atkins Diet but on 'My Diet", they are. Also, I will exercise Monday thru Friday, with my rest days being Saturday and Sunday. I also reserve the rights to work out on those days in the event I miss a workout during the week.

So now that explained that, lets get this show on the road! Ha!

Wednesday Sept. 21st
2 1 cup helpings of chicken Voila (lunch/dinner)
peach mango tea (crystal light)
32 oz. of water
1 apple 
cup of coffee ice cream :(

Workout: 20 min. walk around subdivision

Thursday Sept. 22nd

an omelet w/ turkey and cheese
peach mango tea / water
1 yogurt
chicken salad
cereal :(

workout: 30 min. band exercises / 40 sitt ups

Friday Sept. 23rd

yogurt / chicken nuggets w/ ketchup & sour cream
cereal :( peach mango tea / water

workout: 30 min. walk around the park track / 40 sittups

Saturday Sept. 24th

yogurt / apple / peach mango tea / water
chicken nuggets w/ ketchup & bbq sauce
fried chicken wings w/ ranch
2 baked potatoes w/ sour cream & butter :(

Sunday Sept. 25th

yogurt / peach mango tea / water
chicken salad w/ lettuce & tomato

Okay, so right off the bat I can tell why writing out your food can be helpful. I can tell just by seeing this that:
1. I do not eat enough.
2. I need to stop skipping breakfast.
3. I usually eat my first meal way into the afternoon.

So, while I am very proud of my eating habits because there is soo much junk food in the house that I DIDN'T eat and could have, I still need to taper off the cereal at night. I also am working on willpower cause when I tell y'all that between the hours of 12a and 4a the food calls me. By Name! This is usually when I do my most damage eating wise so just pray for me. I mean, really PRAY!

This week I am gonna strive to eat something every 3 hrs and also to eat breakfast! I sleep late anyway and on top of that I usually get up, hit the showers and leave but I will make it my business to eat before I leave, even if it is just a yogurt.

Okay, so I have officially begun outing myself. Feel free to leave me any and all tips you have for eating and exercising. Anything and everything will be helpful! I def need your prayers and encouragement cause hunny, it is not easy! I HAVE to do it though so I figured I would share my journey :)

So, until next week guys :)

Jahlicia <3


  1. Good luck sis Im rooting for you. Your off to a good start!

  2. Hey sis. I'm rooting for you and I'm on my own plan to lose lbs and get healthier. A few words of advice: try baked or grilled chicken rather than those friend chicken or nuggets you're eating. Secondly, your cereal may not be that bad if and only if you're eating one with lots of fiber and minimal sugar. Third, be careful with your condiments: buter, ketchup, etc will add unnecessary cals. Final tip for now: drink more water! Looking forward to hearing more. I'll post my blog soon about my raw food stuff. *hugs* LSF unite

  3. Fried*

    Sorry...typos. I was typing from phone

  4. Thanks girls! I need the support and I thank you Miss J for that advice! Gurl, it was frosted flakes so FAIL!! HAHA!