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Weekly Spotlight: Ms Island Spice

 Hey guys,

This weeks weekly spotlight is from none other than Kori, aka Ms Island Spice! When I tell y'all I love this gurl! I know, I always say I love the person, and I do, and Kori is no exception. I have been watching her vids since before I even considered starting my channel, and loving every minute of it! I have watched her locs grow and her personality just come bubbling out of her and let me tell y'all, I LOVE IT!! 
So, without further babbling, meet Ms. Island Spice!

1. What made you decide to start a YouTube channel? Were you prepared for your popularity?
I was always lurking on YouTube and there were some videos where I felt like just typing a comment wasn't enough and I wanted to start making my own video responses. I was also curious to see if someone would subscribe to me. I wanted to know what it felt like! 

I don’t think I’m THAT popular but I was pretty excited when I had 24 subscribers I was like WOAH TWENTY FOUR PEOPLE WANT TO SEE MORE FROM ME?! So now that I’m over 1000 subscribers I am still a bit surprised!

2. What was it like growing up in Barbados? Why did you leave?
HOT! next question...  
syke lol I'm playing. It was nice! To most people it might seem like a dream but I was born there so it's nothing special. I didn't go to the beach every day or anything like that, I think I went once every few months, lol! It's very small, quaint and every one looks familiar because you probably saw them on the bus last week! There is one main mall and one main cinema that everyone goes to. Its very laid back and basic but it does the job.  People are very friendly there. For example, if you stop by my grandmother's house and she just cooked, she will give you a full plate of food, friend or family or friend of a friend or somebody that knows somebody that knows somebody!... even if it means she gave you her plate. If your stomach rumbles at 9pm, she will go and whip up something in the kitchen. And its not just my grandmother, most of the people there are like that, just very open and giving. There is an ad for Malibu Rum and they are poking fun at Caribbean people saying we are sooo laid back and its true. (the one when they are handing out ticket stubs for the melons lol) The age I am at now, I see Barbados as a place for either holiday or retirement. I'm too wild for island life now.

Leaving Barbados was not my choice. My father was offered a job in Austria (random I know!) so my parents just sat us down and said hey kids we are moving to Austria! So we moved there summer 2000. Initially it was supposed to be 1 year and then move back to Barbados but 1 year later my parents sat us down again and told us we were staying 1 more year. Another year after that they sat us down AGAIN and said we were moving to USA. I was sooooooo thrilled about that cause I was so obsessed with America.(too much TV hahaha) So that’s pretty much it, my father’s job is what made us move. 

3. Why did you move to the UK? What do you love most and least about living there?
Again, related to my dad’s job. They had this sponsorship program where they would pay 75% of my tuition if I went to college outside of the states. I looked at places in Canada & UK. Canada was tough because for management programs I needed to do calculus (Hellll NO) so UK was the one!
I LOVE city life. I love being able to walk every where. Post office, supermarket, the mall, night clubs, restaurant, cinema…EVERYTHING is walking distance and I love it. (Random) but I like the fact that VAT (tax in the US) is included in prices. It really bugs me in the states how they add it on at the cashier so then it’s a big surprise what your bill is going to be lol Over here 1 + 1 = 2 (Beyonce :D) I kinda like the weather lol I hate being hot and sticky (well not always :p) and over here is always “cool”. The summer isn’t too hot and the winter isn’t too bad either. I didn’t even wear a scarf or a hat last winter!

What I don’t like about the UK is the lack of sunshine. I like the temperatures but I just wish the sun would shine a bit more. Grey skies are depressing. I also don’t like the benefits system they have here. Too many people abuse it. Criminals and single mums get priority on the housing lists. So I either have to bust a cap in someone’s ass or bust a nut to get a house. Unemployment benefits are heavily abused as well. So it’s a good system but it’s flawed because so many people are getting away with it. One guy owes the government about £70,000 in false claims he made. There are loads and loads of cases popping up everyday of people wrongly claiming money. I don’t want to get all political but that really bugs me because there are people out there who really do need the benefits system like a single mum who works 2 jobs or someone who was injured so is finding it hard to get a job. But I feel like the abusers outweigh the people who really need it.

4. What are the 3 loc products you cannot live without?

Jojoba oil
Organic Root Stimulator

Witch Hazel

5. What is your go to loc style when its time to go out?

Something curly & side swept

6. You have great style, what 3 fashion items are a must have in your opinion?

Why thank you very much, J!

1.Only give a taste, leave something to the imagination. Don’t leave home with tits out, stomach out and legs out…choose ONE. With everything hanging out, you will get attention, yes, but the guy is only going to want 1 thing and its not your heart!

2. Learn what suits your figure. It might be the cutest dress on someone else but don’t force it if it's not you. If you dress for your shape/size you can look like a million dollars!

3. Invest in a full length mirror and check yourself before you leave. Please ladies!

7. Damn gurl, I love your heels! How long did it take you to learn how to strut in them? Tips for rocking heels...?

Practice makes perfect. My first pair of heels were some kitten heels when I was around 17 and when my boyfriend (at the time) picked me up, he was like “why you walking funny?” lol

Next pair after that was 3 inches. Now I’ve graduated to 4 & 5 inch heels and I just walk around a lot in them. In the store to test them out and then a few days after I have them, I walk up and down in them in the house. Clean your house in heels! Practice, Practice, Practice!

8. What is your dream job, if you could do anything in the world?

Hmm this is a tough one…I really don’t know. I'm a bit of a perfectionist so something to do with planning and organizing. I would like to take a stab at wedding planning but I don’t know if it’s a dream job since I’ve never tried it. I just know I like to see results and I want to work for me!

I do a little hair braiding on the side and I like that but I have never really thought about it as a dream job cause my hands get tired or I get tired from standing up lol

Its a bit up in the air.

9.  What do you love the most and least about YouTube?

I love the feedback. If I have a question, I just post a video and by the next day Ive got loads of comments from all these people from different walks of life. I like that I can type anything into YouTube and 99.9% of the time I will find what I’m looking for. I feel like YouTube is my second family and Ive made loads of friends.
I dislike the haters. Someone called me a crusty monkey once! Was that really necessary? Lol At the time I was a bit annoyed by it but now if I get a negative comment I just delete it and forget it. What I hate is that these haters that cause drama, when you go to their page, no videos, no pictures…so they are just causing trouble for no reason and they WANT a reaction, that’s what makes them happy. So don’t give into them, just remove the negativity!

     10. Who are your top 6 favorite You Tubers?
In no particular order –
Jahlicia of course!! (the first video I watched from you I clicked subscribe before the video was over! You are hilarious and a breath of fresh air and when you go quiet and then bust out 4 videos I'm like YAYYYY. Its like u teasing me girl…but I love it haha)

Whoissugar (But sug!!... lol She is crazy funny.  When she does her outfit of the day with the shoes OOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWW. Love her!)

BronzeGoddess01 (Mostly for hair tutorials and her diva on a dime hauls AND she makes me laugh as well)

JRenneaC (mostly for hair tutorials cause she comes up with some really creative styles with very few accessories and we got de island gyal ting. WAGWAN. She just seems like a really pleasant person that I would definitely hang out with if we lived close to each other)

Khyan1 (nothing to do with locs but he cracks me up! Typical British humor)

…can't think of a 6th one. The others are all pretty equal! But I watch these 5 the most.

11. What are 2 things that your YT fam doesn't know about you?

Brace yourself…I am VERY shy in really life. My first day at university I sat away from everyone on my own. I ate on my own. I did everything on my own until we were assigned group work lol I think I have social anxiety or something. If I go to a party with someone I know but I don’t know anyone else, and they leave me…panic attack! No lie, tears and everything! (the tears thing only happened once but I do panic usually and text my friend!) I haven’t been officially diagnosed or anything but I am just really really shy. Help me!

2nd thing. I cried for a whole week when I first moved to the UK. I wasn’t sad…I was just scared!. I thought I had just made the biggest mistake of my life! No family, no friends…nothing. There was also no Internet for the first 3 weeks I lived here so it was pretty horrendous trying to settle in. I became a professional at playing solitaire though!

12. What is your most memorable online moment?
2 guys 1 horse…scarred for life!

Hahahhaa!! See what I mean? Love Her! Thanks so much for the dope shoutout, by the way (loves it) :).  Thanks so much for doing this interview for us and being so open and honest! I learned alot!

Please check out her channel :
Also, check out her Fotki :

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  1. Love love love your vids! What kind of parts do you have? Starting my locs soon and curious to know. Xoxo ;)