Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"I went natural because..." vol. 5

Proud2banurse says:

I was hesitant to process my hair because I was aware of the damage it would do to my scalp ( as reinforced by my dad -the nurse lol) so it took me a long time to take the plunge into the bucket of lye. Finally at age 18 I had my hair relaxed, but what followed was years of breakage, damage and frustration! I shaved my head 3 times, trying to go back natural! Natural was what I was meant to be; no stress, no burns, no frustration, just me! :)

 LadyShyye says:

I went natural because I like long hair and I like the way "maintained" locs looked the best. The beautiful coils of softness. I wanted to retain all of the shedding hair and hated my hair being trimmed even the slightest when I had a perm. Haven't had a perm since 2002!

LucianKat says:

I went natural because ... Oh that's right, I have always been natural :D and I love my hair whoop whoop. Goooooooooo nappy!!

Divahotgyal says:

I went natural because I have sensitive scalp and would breakout whenever I relaxed my hair. Also all of my siblings are BOBO dreads. Loving my natural and locs!

DivaJennKen says:

I went natural because I hate that my head was burning. 8 years ago I went natural. I went with locs 9 months ago.

Butterflydoes says:

I am going natural because I am tired of the European black women look with weave!

Angela says:

 I went natural because I was tired of maintaining a perm to keep it from falling out. My hair was thinning and breaking off on the ends.  I went natural 2 yrs ago (my 4th time going natural). I loved how thick my natural hair was, compared to the permed hair. Natural just looked better on me. Now I've decided to loc my hair, something I wish I had done years ago. I let friends talk me out of doing it. To me locs are like forever braids you never have to pay to have redone. You can still rock all sorts of styles with them.  Now that I'm older,  I care less about what other people think of my hair texture! This is the way God made my hair, so I'm rockin' it to my grave!!

Sheri Wilson says:

After two unsuccessful attempts at going natural, I started my locs in November 2008. I finally internalized the fact that God did not make a mistake creating my kinky hair texture. My hair was fighting viciously against the chemical relaxers I was subjecting it to but as the years passed, my hair was getting thin and tired and would soon permanently lose the battle if I didn't stop destroying it.  Wisest hair decision I ever made.  Finally I love my hair and feel no insecurity about it whatsoever.  Total acceptance. Exhale.

 NikkiMo75 says:

I went natural because...

I was sick and tired of being sick and tired with the condition of my over processed, damaged, broken off hair.  Although I was tired with the way my hair looked, I was still scared to cut the relaxer out.  Since I was not confident in how I would look with my hair in its natural state, it took me 2 years to actually do the “Big Chop”.

I had been wearing my hair in braids for about a year until I decided what I wanted to do next.  In September 2001 I took down a set of braids. My hair was so damaged I cried...hard.  Although I was upset, I could not bring myself to relax nor braid my hair again.  My hair was begging for a serious break and so was my self esteem.  I got myself together and headed to the barber shop and cut my hair....Just like that. When the barber was finished I could not believe my eyes.  Although this was not the first time that I have cut my hair off, it was the first time that I didn’t relax, texturize or add some crazy color to my hair.  It was just me...chemically free me as beautiful as I can be. 

Tasha says:

I went natural because at the time, it felt like the BEST thing to do. In 2005, while my hair was permed, I was diagnosed with Alopecia and I was devastated. My hairline all around was gone and I could hardly comb my hair because it was shedding so much. After visiting the dermatologist and being treated, once my hair started to grow back I made the decision to get rid of the chemicals and constant processing.  After a year of transitioning with braids, I became fully natural.

Now, I've been a 'loc head'. For 3 years and loving it. I was inspired by a friend of mine to go natural and loc up. She has locs and her hair is bee-u-ti-ful. She also opened my eyes to the fact that I was gorgeous with my natural hair and this helped me on my journey bolstering my confidence. Sometimes it does get frustrating, but every time I see her hair I get the motivation and the boost I need to keep on going!

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