Sunday, October 9, 2011

Kimsha Artest speaks...

Of course, she retracts...

Now, I know that all everybody and their Mama has heard about the alleged Kimsha Artest facebook fiasco where she allegedly cussed out Shawnie for editing her out of the show. Don't front, we all have been wondering where she been, okay!

Well, Kimsha is saying now that is wasn't her on facebook, she doesn't even know Shawnie and Evelyn (ch...why she dragging Miss Puerto Rican heat into this is beyond me) and she has an idea who it was that started all of this.

Girl, we do too!! O.O Okay! Tell me what yawl think cause I think the show MAY have been better with Kimsha ON it because as of late, it is the "Hate on Draya Show". Somebody from the show PLEASE contact me to do an interview!! They got some "splaining" to do.

Jahlicia <3

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