Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Loc Style for men...?

Hey Lovers,

I know, I know, I have been acting like I do not even have a blog, huh? Smh. Fine, I gets the side eye! Happy now? Lol. My bday has passed and everything. Thanks for all the bday wishes, I had a great time! I kept it rather lowkey, just me and the hubby. So, I guess I am officially 33 now, huh? lol

Anywho, the reason I jumped on here was to show you guys something and see what you feel about it. This is a style that someone recommended I add to my listing of men's styling. O.O

 provided via google

Now, don't get me wrong, the style is beautiful and I definitely would rock it but errr, umm I don't know about my MAN rocking it. I mean, it seems like a girl style to me. I'm just saying. When I think of men styles I think of this....

provided via google
Okay! I would LOVE to convince Ray to let me style is waist length locs like this! Yeah right! He won't even wear a regular basket weave for more than 20 minutes. SIDE EYE TO HIM! Ugh!

This is what I think of when I look for styles for my male clients.

What do y'all think? Am I tripping? Am I behind the times and this is whats poppin now for males? Would you be cool with your man rocking that up do? WOULD HE?

Things that make you go hmmm,

Jahlicia <3


  1. nah the first one is toooo girly. its just curly and cute and i want it on MY hair lol. basket weave variations for men is good.

  2. The first one is very girly, but the "model" has a pretty face O_o so he carries it ok. The other style is a more low key look- perfect.