Sunday, October 9, 2011

Who kicked Rihanna OFF their farm?

Ch...I have OFFICIALLY heard it all! Now, to know me is to KNOW I loves me some Rih Rih, okay! I don't care who calls her "Curry Goat" (side eye to, which is fucking hilarious, btw) or fire crotch because of her once red coils, but she is my "friend in my head".

Now, I am hearing that while shooting the video for her new song "we found love" on a farm in Bangor, Ireland she was kicked off by the owner for wearing "skimpy clothing". O.O! Your kidding, right? I bet they kept that money though, huh. #side eye to the owner of the farm. I mean, who doesn't know Rihanna likes to be buck naked on broncos and shyt.! I expect to hear that my gurl got her money back.

Um, Rih Rih, we are island gurls, keep your ass in the warm climate where you can wear egg shells as nipple covers and ginger bush as panties, Okay!

Also, I heard she is now dating some Brit boxer named Dudley O'Shaunessey who she also picked to star in the WFL video. They were allegedly out on a date after the video shoot in which my gurl got so drunk, she had to be escorted to her car, where he was already waiting. Real Gentleman. I am not buying this story, he looks gay and not at all Rih Rih's type. I'm just saying.."you need more people".

Check out this pic and tell me what yawl think...

I heard someone yell "fruity pebbles" in the background, hahhhaha!!!

Jahlicia <3


  1. lol @ fruity pebbles!
    They need to leave RIHANNA alone. Come to my back yard girl, you're welcomed!! O_O

  2. Okay! Mine to my gyal, plenty ah yard to film :)