Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sharing My Blessing :)

Hey Lovers,

Guess who's back in the mofo house! Yes, it is I. hahaha! Chile boo, anybody missed me? *crickets* ha!
Anywho, I for sure missed y'all. I have been on a long hiatus of the electronic kind. Like to hear why? Here we go. Side note: if you answered NO, to damn bad, I am telling you anyway! #Sideeye

Well, as I told you guys in a previous video, my computer died! I had a Mac and if you know anything about Mac's then you know they are great computers but once they crash, you can hang any thoughts of repair up (FLAT SCREEN...yes, I had a Nicki Minaj moment ) lol

Ok, so my mac died leaving me without the Internet for about 2 weeks before a friend of mine lent me her laptop for a couple days. I am and was so grateful because when I tell you I had several family members who were like "use my computer to upload videos? Um, I don't think so". You KNOW they got a few choice words and millions of #sideeyes!!! Whats so funny is that most of you know that I am also a natural hair stylist so I needed to update my various web advertisements I had running. Well, GOD doesn't like ugly so I was able to do all that and more, hence the couple new vids I posted during that time.

Here is where the story gets blessed! Let me tell y'all, GOD always have a plan that we don't know therefore we must trust him all the time! Uploading those 2 vids was the best thing I could do. Why? Well, firstly because I made, what I had intended to be, a joke saying send me $2 a piece towards a new computer and I actually got some contributions! I was floored but thankful at the same time. There is nothing like people coming together to help you out to make you feel loved! Okay! As if that wasn't enough, secondly, I then got a message from a subbie turned friend who was offering to...wait for it....SEND ME A COMPUTER...FREE!! No lie, I immediately dropped to my knees and thanked GOD! I mean, what a huge blessing! I never could have dreamed that that would happen from a total stranger and my family sitting up here acting like a bunch of asses. O.O If that wasn't GOD showing up and OUT for ya girl! Selah!

Needless to say, I am online on my new laptop right now and I could not be more thankful and blessed!  Now tell me that is NOT a story worth telling! I had to share as an example of how GOD can take a bad situation and flip it all around for good. One minute I am worrying how I am going to get online (did I mention my blackberry died during that time also....I was having a for real FML moment) and the other ALL my worries were solved!

I so hope that you can find some inspiration in this cause if it happened to me it can happen to you also! Stay  prayerful! I also want to update you on my holiday season so I discussed that portion in the video listed below. I also show my pipe cleaner curls so feel free to check it out.

Yayyyyy! I am so happy to be back so look forward to more vids and blog posts to come! Feel free to leave your comments and/or stories below, I am always to glad to see them :)

Jahlicia <3


  1. That is such a blessing!! I would have never guessed someone to just donate a laptop to anyone..i know my fam would even do that so for a complete stranger to do so is just awesome.

  2. Okay! Thanks so much for reading and commenting Ki Ki! :)