Thursday, December 15, 2011


Hey Lovers,

OMG!!! I missed you guys so much!! I feel like I have been "silenced" or put on "mute"!! Okay, let me spill my tea. My computer decided to die about the 15th of November! IKR!! *&)!@))&#!!! I was beyond mortified!

So I haven't been able to get online except for my phone...sidebar: that is a hot ass mess because I have closed! For about 1 week I was cool with it but 1 maam!!

Fast forward to 2 weeks ago my phone has gotten a case of the ass and now works whenever it feels like. I guess it decides to do me, okay! How you doing?

So, today I was blessed to be able to use my friends laptop for a few in order to update y'all and shoot a couple vids! YAYYYY!!! CLAP TRACK!!

Official Update Video 


Thanks for sticking with me and holding me down while I be discom-bob-ulated! Yep! I did that!! Ha!


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Jahlicia <3

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